CA APM 10.7 EM installer fails to add GC options for new EM install

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Last Modified Date : 07/05/2018
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Using the APM Introscope Enterprise Manager (EM) installer:
1. When installing a NEW Enterprise Manager (NOT AN UPGRADE) the default JVM properties do not include any GC properties i.e. the default JVM properties shown during the install are: 
-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dmail.mime.charset=UTF-8 -Dorg.owasp.esapi.resources=./config/esapi -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=./logs/ -Xss512k

After the install the files Introscope_Enterprise_Manager.lax (all platforms) and EMService.conf (Windows) also show the same e.g.  Introscope_Enterprise_Manager.lax file: -Xmx1024m -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dmail.mime.charset=UTF-8 -Dorg.owasp.esapi.resources=./config/esapi -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=./logs/  -Xss512k

Compared with the EM installer which included GC properties "XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC"

2. When installing a NEW WebView the default JVM properties do include GC properties "-XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200" e.g. the Introscope_WebView.lax file shows: -Xmx1024m -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dorg.owasp.esapi.resources=./config/esapi -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200 -Dorg.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=org.apache.xpath 
APM Introscope Enterprise Manager Installer (all platforms)
The EM installer should be including the same GC properties for the EM install as it does for the WebView install.
Manually add the GC options after the install as follows:
a. Linux/Unix and Windows (when not running EM as Windows service):
Add "-XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200" to the property in the Introscope_Enterprise_Manager.lax file e.g. -Xmx1024m -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dmail.mime.charset=UTF-8 -Dorg.owasp.esapi.resources=./config/esapi -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=./logs/  -Xss512k -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200

b. Windows when running EM as a Windows service:
Add "-XX:+UseG1GC" and "-XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200" to the EMService.conf file e.g.
Additional Information:
1. This problem does not occur for an 10.7 EM upgrade where any existing GC options in the Introscope_Enterprise_Manager.lax & EMService.conf files are retained.
2. With the use of Java 1.8 the G1 Garbage Collector is now being recommended especially for the large heaps that are typically used for MOM & Collectors EMs in an APM cluster.
3. The problem is planned to be fixed in a future 10.7 Service Pack or Hot Fix.